Best Diet for Weight Loss

Which is the Best Diet for Weight Loss?

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If you have ever struggled with weight loss; I’m sure you’ve pondered and endlessly searched the internet, your friends and everyone in hopes of finding your magic bullet answer to your most daunting issue of the best diet to finally lose the weight and keep it off. This seems to be a very divisive and polarizing issue in our western society. There are hoards of followers and die-hard fans of keto, paleo, Atkins, gluten free, whole 30, weight watchers, vegan, south beach and the list goes on. Have any one of those really been proven as the holy grail of diets? Could you be missing something? The frustrating thing is that they all say their diet is the best diet and that is works! So, what are we to do? EE-Nee-Meenie-Mynee-Mo it and try your luck with the whole list of them till you find something that works? Maybe you’ve done that already and given up?

Well since you are still searching and reading this very article right now, my best guess is that you haven’t found your magic bullet best diet for weight loss yet! Well; rest assured as double Board-Certified physician in Internal and Lifestyle medicine, an expert in women’s weight loss and most relatedly having been on the weight loss struggle bus for most of my life, I’ll give you the truth, the answer, your magic bullet best diet for weight loss.

None! That’s right; there is no single best diet for weight loss. In a sense, they were all right; all Diets will work; but their results are short lived. By definition a Diet almost has a specific timeframe associated with it. As long the diet induces a great enough calorie deficit; you will lose weight. Now the real concern with all these diets is not only the short-term time constraint issue which leads to

yo-yo-ing weight which has been proven to be detrimental to our long-term health; But also, that these calorie deficits are not done in a healthy way so there can be loads of other nutritional deficiencies and even disease states that arise. Also let’s be clear; when we want weight loss; we mean FAT loss. When the diets mean weight loss; they just mean the number on the scale going down which unfortunately can mean water, muscle and fat loss which is not healthy weight loss. Also, its time for personalized medicine to shine because your best diet will depend on your specific microbiome. This means you need a thorough gut eval and perhaps a continuous glucose monitor to see your specific responses to different foods. This means that there really could be a best way of eating for YOU which will be individualized to you and maybe wont be the best diet for your friend.

So now what? Well; stop searching for the ultimate, best, ideal diet and start thinking more about the top feasible healthy lifestyle changes to your diet that you can make and sustain. For starters, start eating more whole plant foods in their natural form, minimize processed foods, minimize added sugar, decrease added salt, decrease saturated fats and trans fats.

The healthiest way of eating involves eating a balance, a rainbow of nutrient rich foods which will be full of fiber, antioxidants, minerals and all the things that are necessary to help you thrive. So now instead of searching for the best diet; perhaps you are better served looking for the best recipes for some wholesome ingredients that you have. Yes, your eating habits need to be geared towards healthy fat loss and when you work with an expert like me; I will help you go deeper and understand your thoughts behind the foods you eat and why and how you eat them which will then empower you to make the choices that you seem fit in any scenario. You can reach me by contacting me through this website.

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