Lose Weight for the LAST time!

This one hits home for me so I can relate. I feel your pain. I was there; I am there now. I’ve struggled with excess weight all of my life…I know you feel like you’ve done ALL the things and you are not where you want to be! You are not alone; with this program; we will work together to get and keep excess weight off.

How? We use Ozempic + Revolutionary Personalized Lifestyle Coaching/Support. This Power Combo will give you access to the tools you need to feel Confident in your abilities to take charge of your weight…forever.

Details- Phase 1: 3 months

  • Pre-Meet eval to ensure this is the right plan for you; we set expectations and order the right labs.
  • Initial visit: Las and Current health review; Working protocol mapping.
  • Begin Branded Ozempic; Weekly Weigh in and measurements. Weekly subcutaneous injection doses are curated specifically for you. Administered by Dr. Sneha. All side effects and dosage adjustments will be monitored throughout your plan.
  • Bi-monthly medical/lifestyle coaching 
  • Twice a month IV hydration to ensure optimal fluid status
  • Personalized Meal plan/prep ideas/recipes
  • Lifestyle Medicine Workbook to refine skills discussed during medical sessions
  • Month 1: Personalized evaluation of current Food stores:(Pantry/Fridge/Freezer)Making sure you are aware of the nutritional value of what you currently have and then showing you what you need to be stocked for success!
  • Month 2: Grocery Haul: Let me show you how to navigate the aisles so you can see what to buy to set yourself up for delicious success!
  • Month 3: Lets take it to your kitchen and cook some mouthwatering fueling dishes so you can see how you can do this yourself!
  • Physician accountability throughout the program. Reach out with any weight loss related questions during office hours and you will promptly get your concerns addressed.


Hormone Balance – 3 months

Hormones are largely misunderstood and shunned in our current healthcare model. Yet, we need to investigate our individual hormone levels in order for us to gain insight into our inner and outer workings. Our Hormones need to be balanced and work in harmony for us to feel our best. In this Program; we evaluate your hormonal needs via lab testing. Then, we correlate these needs to your physical and mental Health. We will use lifestyle measures as well as Bio-Identical Hormones to supplement you in order to enable you to thrive. Rest assured; each candidate is thoroughly evaluated to make sure the benefits of hormone replacement outweigh the risks.

Primary Care- Monthly Subscription Model

Your health needs can arise at any time and it’s so hard to find a trusted physician who will accommodate you in a timely manner. A physician who won’t make you wait in waiting rooms and who listens to you and gives you the time and space to feel comfortable with your health needs. At the same time; it’s a bonus to work with an expert Board Certified Physician to optimize your health care month by month.

In this plan; you get monthly health and wellness visits (can do a walking session, cooking session, telehealth, office visit…basically you call the shots as to what you need!) 6 sick visits included including urgent care concerns like URI/UTI etc. Direct access to Dr. Sneha via text, phone, email during office hours Accountability with a specific plan map for each month Meal plan ideas, evidence based info pertaining to the topic of the month will be sent to your inbox!

Concierge Wellness Care

This is the Ultimate in Direct Physician-Patient involvement. This is a yearly investment and is limited in number of patients Dr. Sneha accepts because of the nature of high investment care. If you are serious about having your own Personal Doctor on call for you 24/7; then contact me for a consultation to see if this plan best suits your needs.

Sarasota Concierge Physician

Do you have the best relationship with your Primary Care Doctor? Does your doctor give you the on-demand, convenient, personal, compassionate, valuable, simple and quality care that you deserve? Does your doctor listen to you and understand your needs? Does your doctor discuss non pharmaceutical and lifestyle treatment options with you? If you did not answer these questions with a hard yes!…then you need to look into having your own private Sarasota Concierge Physician. Sarasota Concierge Physicians actively work for and with their patients in order to achieve the best possible individual healthy lifestyles.

The problem with medical care these days is that it is largely impersonal, rushed, generic, not convenient and superficial or reflexive. Imagine a patient-doctor relationship that is personal, progressively evolving, compassionate, high quality, convenient and understanding. This type of patient-doctor relationship does exist and is what a Sarasota Concierge Physician is all about.

There appears to be a recent trend in Sarasota where patients are actively seeking out Personal/Private Doctors outside of their insurance plans. Perhaps the Covid-19 pandemic is to a large degree responsible for empowering people to take charge of their preventative healthcare. Thus, we are seeing a shift in health care from acute, sick care to active, preventative comprehensive well-care. This shift among patients is also being paralleled in the physician realm as more primary care physicians are departing traditional corporate insurance-based medicine and opting to go private.

This departure from the status quo actively allows Sarasota Concierge Physicians to provide a higher quality, patient centered and value based personalized healthcare.

I am proud and empowered to say I am one such Sarasota Concierge Physician. I am board certified in Internal Medicine; meaning I provide comprehensive personalized medical care to adults above the age of 18 years. In my multiple years of professional experience, I have successfully managed the entire spectrum of medical diseases in adults. Thus, I am well equipped to cater to the diverse needs of our growing Sarasota community. Furthermore, I am opted out from all medical insurances including Medicare; I am under no obligation to perform any un-necessary tests, and can truly, timely, accurately and appropriately diagnose and treat medical conditions. At this same time; I do not submit any claims to insurance thus my relationship is directly and solely with my Sarasota Concierge patients. This style of practicing medicine is further refined as Direct Primary Care.

I pride myself on developing authentic, compassionate and personal yet professional relationships with my patients. This type of Concierge patient-doctor bond allows for the best patient health outcomes and satisfaction. In my Sarasota Concierge Physician practice; I limit my yearly patient panel thereby allowing me to devote the right amount of time and resources essential for optimal healthcare for each of my patients. I offer multiple visit type options including house calls, telehealth, phone and in-office visits. Same day urgent appointments are guaranteed, direct cell phone access for 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; 365 days a year is all part of my Sarasota Concierge Physician Care Package. I set myself apart from other Sarasota Concierge Physician Colleagues as I am focused and lead with Evidence based nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. Educating, cooking with and coming up with sustainable healthy and tasty family meal plans are all part of my Sarasota Concierge Physician care package. Also included are cooking classes, meditation and mindfulness practices as well as optimizing family health classes. The truth is optimal health is difficult to achieve alone; so not only would your Sarasota Concierge Physician work with you as the patient but also with your family to ensure the health experience is translatable to your home setting.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Concierge Physicians is the “high price tag” or that these are doctors only for the “elite” or super wealthy. The truth is that you are INVESTING a transparent amount in your multi-faceted health. If you start investing in optimizing your health in your mid 30’s; you potentially can stave off a multitude of chronic health diseases and prolong your life; thereby saving yourself a tremendous amount of money in the long run. Heart disease is the number 1 killer of Americans today. Heart disease is also largely preventable by lifestyle modification measures that your concierge physician will outline and dive into deeply with you. So, the real question is how much are you willing to invest in your health? Sarasota Concierge Physicians are often willing to set up affordable investment plans that work for the individual patient’s needs. There are no hidden fees, bills or insurance claims to worry about. So don’t let the misconceptions about concierge physicians prevent you from getting the quality medical/wellness care you deserve.

Also, for our Sarasota Community members who are happy with their doctor but want more personal/individual health optimizing courses; I will gladly structure a personalized plan for them. I Want our entire Sarasota Community to have access to Sarasota Concierge Physician Services in whatever capacity that works for them.

Rightfully So, gone are the days where patients blindly conform to “authority.” Now, there is a lot of questioning and seeking evidence for treatment of specific health concerns. Likewise, the pill for every ill mentality is declining. This shift is exciting to me as a Sarasota Concierge Physician because this means people want to take charge of their health. This active interest in preventative health will offset a huge burden on our national health care system in years to come. Individually, it will add quality years to people’s lives. Let’s be clear; we don’t just want to live longer; we want to thrive while living longer. The journey to optimizing our longevity is varied, windy and multifold. The first step however is universal and simple; this first step is the awareness that we are largely in control of our experience of our health and lives. If we want to truly live the most healthful life; we need to uncover/discover our individual “why”. So, why do YOU want to be healthier? What will being healthier do for you and your family that you don’t have now?

Once you have that personal health awareness and your why; you can begin your quest on finding your suitable Sarasota Concierge Physician. I recommend interviewing your doctors. Ask your potential concierge physician all the questions you want and need answered. Ask for a consult. Look for authenticity, transparency, and the non-verbal warmth cues that we as humans all crave. Also,the quest to maintain and further the optimal patient-doctor relationship continues even when you have found your concierge doctor. My best wishes and encouragement are with you as you search for your doctor; I am happy to answer any further queries. I can be reached at 941-315-8942

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