We had the pleasure to use Dr Sneha’s service recently! What an experience. Most doctors just give you a pill and your health ends up as a revolving door visits to the doctor. No one is interested in your health and nutrition. But this doctor gives her time to understand your lifestyle and health. What works for you and your regimented life. She shared tips on nutrition how we can reduce inflammation in our body by making changes in the diet. Healthy things don’t taste good; they say if it tastes good it is bad for you. But she showed us healthy foods are extremely yummy and how to enjoy things in moderation. Lost 30 pounds and got blood pressure diabetes in control. She is just amazing! Wish we had met her before. Hope lot more people can use her and prevent the damage we are causing our bodies. Thank you doc. Keep up the good work.
Dr. Sneha is amazing!!! Her level of genuine care and being able to hold space for her patients is zero to none. It is very rare to find a Doctor with her level of Lifestyle medicine understanding. This allows her to be there for her patients in so many different ways, that’s what makes visits with her super special. 😊 Cannot wait to participate in the Walk With the Doctor Program!
Sneha has changed my whole perspective on food and wellness! She provides answers to all of my health questions and give me tips I actually use everyday! If you wanted to change the way you eat to optimize your health definitely call Samsara Health!
Dr. Sneha is amazing! She cares for her clients and treats them as if they were her own family. She listens attentively and comes up with solutions tailored to her client’s needs all while keeping safety at the forefront. She is passionate about health and wellness which always shines through while educating her clients.
Dr Lokesh-Pallegar is one of the best doctors I know. She truly wants to help you without medications and make you the better version of yourself, naturally. If you are looking for an all natural doctor look no further and schedule your appointment with Samsara Health now!
Dr.Sneha Pallegar is an amazing , kind and caring doctor . she listens to you and respects your thoughts. Her belief to help you on multi-levels beyond just medicine is what sets her apart .
Can’t say enough about Dr. Sneha Pallegar at Samsara Health. Her services are like no other. She has a unique approach to health care. My husband and I are clients of Samsara Health and Dr. Sneha Pallegar has began a big transformation in our health. The combination of years of experience as a physician and her knowledge in nutrition and wellness have given her the key components to truly help her patients. She goes above and beyond with a comprehensive initial consultation, full medical evaluation, followed by an individualized health plan. This includes cooking lessons, recipes, 24/7 access for patient medical needs and amazing follow through. My husband and I have different health goals and she has customized a plan for each to fit our specific needs. Dr. Sneha Pallegar is truly one of a kind. Her knowledge coupled with her passion to help her patients through nutrition, has made her a tremendous asset for improving our health. Highly recommend Samsara Health!
I completed the 6 week course- I learned so much about what I thought I was doing right as far as my eating habits and areas I needed improvments. It was helpful to have someone break it down for me, help me find an easier way to plan out meals/snacks for the week. I am now able to incorporate more veggies in my meals. My first focus was also on figuring out if certain foods were causing mingraines- within the first week I could tell a significant difference, a major decrease in headaches. I wanted to get on a healthier track and find a way to avoid medication and this has helped significantly.
We have so much love and appreciation for Dr.Sneha! Her love and care for her patients is evident in everything she does. She was able to help me with an immediate need in a quick and efficient approach. Thankful for her!
Dr. Sneha Pallegar is a amazing Dr. She is very personable and attentive to her patients needs. I strongly recommend her.
Wonderful doctor. Takes the time to know her client and is very personable.
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